Zinc Gluconate is a compound based on Zinc - a natural ingredient in the body - that offers a safe, permanent and virtually painless alternative to surgical castration. Delivered through an injection to the testis, veterinarians can neuter male dogs with ease and confidence.

Zeuterin™ works in a completely natural way: after injection, the compound diffuses in all directions from the center of the testis. Zinc, in the specific concentration used, is a spermicide and proven to destroy spermatozoa in all stages of maturation in the seminiferous tubules, rete testis and epididymides. The result is permanent and irreversible fibrosis in the testicle rendering the dog sterile.

Some testosterone remains to support critical endocrine functions. While surgical neutering virtually eliminates testosterone, Zeuterin™ lowers testosterone by about half. Recent research has shown that for certain breeds, having some level of testosterone is protective and beneficial for the dog’s metabolic functions. Like surgical castration, this procedure may or may not suppress mating behaviors.

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