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Veterinarians can now register for training here

Dog owners can find a certified vet here

February 2014 article on spay/neuter research from JAVMA

New York Times features Zinc Neutering

Watch Dee Ann's Max being zinc neutered

Ark Sciences' estimates 4,000 dogs Zinc Neutered.

New York Daily News features Zinc Neutering

Ark Charities will support select animal welfare locations with grants for training and to Zinc Neuter dogs. Apply here.

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"Our clinic performs 25,000+ surgeries each year and we feel that with Zeuterin we may be able to increase our volume by around 15% with no additional staff and equipment" Rick DuCharme, Executive Director, First Coast No More Homeless Pets -Jacksonville, FL

“We were thrilled to train 13 Vets at two training events in Tennessee. In our opinion, the use of Zeuterin will enable us to reach a significant number of free-roaming male dogs. We are particularly interested in combining the procedure with the annual rabies clinics." Julie Jacobson, Program Manager, Spay Tennessee

ArrowArk Charities completes its first Zeuterathon in Coachella Valley, CA with 86 zinc netuers in a day.

ArrowZeuterin™ commercial launch set for February 2014

ArrowOn August 31st, 2012, FDA approves Zeuterin™ to non-surgically zinc neuter male dogs 3-10 months old

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Vet Center:
Read the FDA Summary Report Zinc Gluconate, the world’s first FDA approved sterilant. Or, are you just getting started? Whatever you need, you’ll find it here. Just search through the links below for helpful answers.

Arrow Learn what makes Zeuterin™ the better, safer solution for sterilization.
Arrow What do pet owners need to know about Zeuterin™? Find out here.
Arrow Learn more about Zeuterin™
Arrow Learn how to get started with Zeuterin™.

"This product has the potential to be a game-changer with respect to animal population control. Zeuterin™ is the first FDA-approved nonsurgical sterilant that can be used to safely, and economically, sterilize male dogs. "

G. Robert Weedon, DVM, MPH  Adj Clinical Prof, College of Vet Med Univ of Illinois Urbana, Illinois

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